The Advent of the Covenant upon King David, Part 7

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The impact of evil, especially in recent decades is not only that many have failed to develop the rational function within themselves resulting in a scarcity of moderation, but also that the people fail to even notice that which is in need of moderation.

When the people do not practice God’s law within themselves how is it possible that they will recognize that law outside of themselves so as to support and encourage its proper application in the public realm?

However, if they were able to discern its true purpose they would discover themselves spiraling ever closer to that central reality the source of life itself.

In the fourth verse of His Aqdas the Lord of Baha declares,

لعمري من شرب رحيق الانصاف من ايادي الالطاف انّه يطوف حول اوامري المشرقة من افق الابداع

Which, in English translation reads:

“By My life! He who hath drunk the choice wine of fairness from the hands of My bountiful favor will circle around My commandments that shine above the Dayspring of My creation.”

The choice wine of fairness and equity is the law of parity, the Middle Way created through a living balance of duties and rights. Its practice serves to foster equilibrium in the psyche.

The purpose of a right is that a duty may be fulfilled. In placing a duty upon us God also brings forth a right which is essential to the fulfillment of that duty.

God gives us duties and rights firstly because He is just toward His own Self and just toward His own Will. That is, because God deserves to have a being to fulfill His intended purpose He is just toward that purpose for which He created humanity.

The requirement of duties and corresponding rights is a reflection of God’s Justice toward His Own Self but all we can possibly comprehend of this “Self” is His Manifestation, a spiritual teacher and lawgiver appearing in human form. There is no possibility of comprehending God’s Essence. So in order to fulfill His desire and intention to be known God sends His Manifestation.

God alone has the Right to be worshiped, all just Law, whether of duties or rights, stems from, and bows to, that Right. In His Magnanimous Mercy He does not absolutely enforce this right upon humanity relative to physical existence. Thus it can be witnessed that while He allows individuals to continue to exist on earth even if they are not particularly striving to know Him, it is also witnessed that their success at that life remains questionable.

This is because even physical creation has been brought into being due to God’s Right to be known and worshiped. Or do the people think He was fulfilling an obligation to something other than His Own Desire within His Creation? Do they imagine He owes them anything? Perhaps they imagine that they should be free to turn away but that He Himself lacks such freedom. The only freedom He lacks is that he could be untrue to Himself. Such a freedom is actually its opposite.

The Qur’an testifies concerning all their wrongful imaginations and imputations “Verily, man is ever ungrateful.” The fact of God’s Enduring Love is a testimony to His Greatness not ours! Any worthiness we may possess is merely a reflection of that Love which originates from Him. Or do they imagine He doesn’t love Himself? Verily they have created a god in their own image!

Such as these wander the earth distracted and unaware of the true goal of life until their days are used up. This is a tragic condition which the people inflict upon themselves in both this world and the next. God did not choose this fate for them. They chose it for themselves.

The certain fate decreed for each human being is that they would have free-will and that after coming of age they would be held responsible for their choices. As far as the question of a good or bad fate – God has already designed us for goodness. The truly Free will reflect this intrinsic design thru obedience to God’s law. Such souls have freely chosen the good and in this way the true purpose of free-will is fulfilled.

While God has been lenient in enforcing His Right right upon humanity relative to our physical existence, the enforcement of His Right relative to the possibility of our spiritual existence is more strict. To the extent that a soul fails to recognize and honor God’s Right they are, naturally, barred access to the spiritual realms.

God loves them, but lacking the love for God in their own heart, God’s love finds no home there. Thus they can’t find a home in the spiritual realm because without love for God they simply don’t belong there. Existence in that realm is through the existence of that love and all its stations are stations of worship.


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