Verse to be recited upon Threatening Events

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قد عفونا عنكم صلوة الآيات

اذا ظهرت اذكروا الله بالعظمة والاقتدار

انّه هو السّميع البصير


العظمة لله ربّ ما يرى وما لا يرى ربّ العالمين

Lord of Baha (The Kitab-i-Aqdas)

English Translation:

We have exempted you from the prayer of signs.

Upon the appearance of threatening events

Remember the might and power of your Lord,

Verily He is the Listener, the Watcher!

Then say:

Dominion belongs to God,

the Lord of the visible and the invisible,

and the Lord of the worlds!

(“al-Ê¿aẓama lillah, rabb ma yura wama la yura, rabb al-‘al-amin”)


The prayer of signs is a reference to the Islamic practice of worship on the appearance of fearful natural events.


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