Prayer for every Just and Equitable Sovereignty and for America

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O my God, O Thou Who confirms every just and equitable sovereignty in ever-abiding majesty, everlasting might, eternal continuance, inviolable stability, steadfastness and glory! By the bountiful effusion of Thy providential care, confirm every government that deals justly with its peoples, every sovereignty beneath whose ensigns Thou shelters the impoverished and the powerless.

I beseech Thee by the outpourings of Thy holiness and the showers of Thy munificence, to aid this equitable government, which hath outstretched its pavilions over far-reaching and diverse states, and hath made justice its testimony in its civilized and splendid domains.

O God, aid Thou its armies and legions; make its word persuasive; strengthen its defenses; safeguard its honor; reveal its prestige; spread abroad its influence; and raise aloft its flag, by Thy might which conquers all things and Thy power which is effulgent in the realm of creation. Thou confirms whomsoever Thou wills. Thou art verily the Omnipotent, the Almighty.



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